Hey! I’m Chris and together with my wife we’ve grown to love the festive season.

Chris and Isabelle are a vibrant and loving couple who have created a unique blend of holiday traditions from their Australian and Belgian roots. Living in Australia, they eagerly anticipate the festive season, where they can share the joys of Christmas with their family and children. Chris, with his laid-back Australian charm, brings the warmth of a sunny Christmas to the family, often organizing barbecues and beach outings that are quintessentially Australian.

His love for the outdoors is infectious, and he ensures that the Christmas spirit is celebrated under the vast Australian sky, with laughter and the aroma of sizzling BBQ.

Isabelle, hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Belgium, infuses the family’s Christmas with the rich traditions of her homeland. She delights in preparing an array of Belgian Christmas sweets, including speculoos cookies and rich, decadent chocolates that the children adore. With her at the helm, the Richardson home is adorned with twinkling lights and evergreen decorations reminiscent of a Belgian Christmas market.

Isabelle’s stories of St. Nicholas visiting Belgian children on the 6th of December captivate the imagination of their kids, who have come to love this special addition to their holiday festivities.

Together, Chris and Isabelle have created a Christmas tapestry that weaves together the warmth of the Australian sun with the enchanting European winter charm. They revel in the joy of watching their children embrace both cultures, learning to appreciate the value of diversity and the beauty of creating their own family traditions. From carols in the park to hot chocolate by the fireplace, the Richardsons ensure that the spirit of togetherness and joy is at the heart of their celebrations. Their home during the holidays is a testament to their love for each other and the blending of their heritages, offering a festive sanctuary where laughter and love are abundant, and the magic of Christmas is alive and well.